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Launch of X-Life Games Heralds New Era for U.S. Diplomacy

Mobile Gaming Technology Pioneers e-Diplomacy Outreach to the Middle East and Persian Gulf

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MetroStar Systems, Inc., a leader in New Media technology solutions for the federal government, announced today the much anticipated release of X-Life Games and its availability for free download on Developed by MetroStar Systems, X-Life Games is an English language mobile game that encourages cultural exchanges between Arabic, Persian, and English speaking cultures, demystifies American culture, and breaks down barriers that impede mutual understanding. Leveraging the latest in mobile technology, X-Life users in the Middle East and Gulf region will be introduced to American culture in a non-threatening and constructive manner.

“X-Life, the game, is a series of interrelated adventure modules which explore one idea - what unites us, rather than what divides us,” said Ali Reza Manouchehri, Chief Executive Officer of MetroStar Systems, Inc. “Middle East and the Persian Gulf youth will have the opportunity to experience the dynamism and vitality of American life. X-Life projects the fundamental values that Americans cherish: tolerance, freedom, and respect for cultural and religious differences.”

Prompting users to learn and use skills acquired through everyday experiences, each phase of the game allows the user to apply those skills to improve themselves and the world, all in a mobile application. This concept of cultural bridging embodied in a video game reaches across all generations, especially the current one being raised in an ever sophisticated and technological world.

“X-Life Games is the embodiment of ‘e-Diplomacy’, and reflects the new ‘soft diplomacy’ approach favored by the Obama Administration,” said Manouchehri. “The path-breaking mobile application pioneers e-Diplomacy by utilizing an emerging new media platform to engage the minds and hearts of overseas audiences.”

X-Life Games LLC was created in June of 2008 by MetroStar Systems, Inc. by key gaming industry veterans Neal Hallford, James Dzierwa, J.R. Register, and Ghafur Remtulla. The first titles from X-Life Games were funded by the U.S. Department of State as an initiative for e-Diplomacy.

X-Life Games was created for the public to use free of charge in an effort to bridge cultures. X-Life Games is not a single mobile game but a series of smaller, interrelated adventure modules that explore one theme. The players of this unique game will be able to select an avatar, earn and spend the game’s virtual currency, and progress through their X-Life while learning English through mobile handsets. Reflections can be made of the user’s life path, including how they would have handled careers, family, and other phases of life. In each game, the player gets to “try on” a new X-Life and rise to the top of that game’s featured profession. X-Life Games is available now via download at

About MetroStar Systems, Inc.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, MetroStar Systems, Inc.™ is a Small Business Administration-certified 8(a) firm that provides its clients with agile, collaborative solutions designed to integrate people, processes, technology, and learning across an organization and its geographic boundaries. MetroStar System’s core competencies are distributed through seven major service groups: 1) Portal Strategy and Integration, 2) Enterprise Infrastructure Support, 3) Business Intelligence, 4) New Media Technology, 5) Health, Finance and Insurance, 6) Training & Education, and 7) Custom Development. Information about MetroStar Systems and its products can be found on the company's website,



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Acquainting Cultures With Technology

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